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Carlisle Roof GardenBeacon Sales is proud to offer multiple Roof Garden Systems from Carlisle SynTec. For more than 45 years, Carlisle’s products have set the standard for quality and performance in the commercial roofing industry. Carlisle repeatedly raises the bar through steady development and continuous introduction of innovative new products and technologies. The Carlisle Roof Garden line is no different, providing architects and building owners a huge selection of vegetative roofing options. With these systems, Carlisle offers an unparalleled variety of single-source roof garden solutions that provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved storm water management
  • Increased air and water purification
  • Superior sound insulation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Beautiful, usable building space
  • Possible federal, state and local tax incentives
  • Significantly extended roof life


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Carlisle's Traditional Roof Garden Assemblies (click for enlarged view)

Carlisle offers a broad array of traditional Roof Garden Systems that incorporate a variety of waterproofing options with a full line of accessories to provide a high performance system. This includes a range of membranes that carry up to a 20-year warranty, engineered growth media and vegetation options.


Shallow Roof Garden


Medium Roof Garden


Deep Roof Garden



Roof Garden Warranties

Garden Roof TrayCarlisle Roof Garden Overburden Warranty
Carlisle offers up to a 20-year overburden removal warranty covering the removal and replacement of the roof garden components if there is a need to investigate for a leak.

Carlisle Roof Garden Vegetation Warranty
Carlisle offers a 2-year vegetation warranty to ensure the proper establishment of plants and a minimum 50% coverage of vegetation within year one and 80% coverage by year two.


Roof Garden Components

Roof Garden Drainage Composite - CCW MiraDRAIN® G4 Drainage Composite consists of a high compressive strength polystyrene core with "cups" and high-flow drainage channels allowing maximum water retention and drainage. A non-woven 100% post-industrial recycled content filter fabric and moisture retention mat is bonded to the retention side of the molded core to prevent passage of particles into the water reservoirs. MiraDRAIN® G4 has a heavy-duty protection fabric bonded to the bottom of the composite, making this versatile product the key to simplified green roof installation and reduced labor costs. CCW MiraDRAIN® G4 is designed to retain water in Roof Gardens while allowing excess water to quickly drain. In Carlisle Ultra-Extensive Roof Garden assemblies, MiraDRAIN® G4 is the only layer required above the membrane before growth media and plants are applied. Packaged in 4' x 50' rolls.

Root Barrier - Carlisle 40-mil non-reinforced GeoMembraneª is a polypropylene sheet specifically formulated for use in below grade applications to resist root growth. GeoMembraneª sheets are heat welded together to provide a monolithic roof cover. Carlisle GeoMembraneª stops the most invasive roots before they can reach the waterproofing membrane. Available in 12' x 100' rolls.

Protection Fabric - Carlisle CCW 300HV (16 oz/ sq. yd.) is a polypropylene non-woven needle-punched fabric, which is stabilized to resist soil chemicals, mildew, insects and is non-biodegradable. Carlisle CCW 300HV protection fabric is designed to prevent abrasion to the waterproofing membrane under the toughest conditions. Available in 40" x 200' and 12.5' x 200' rolls.

Aluminum Roof Garden Edging - Carlisle Roof Garden edging products are designed to provide attractive and corrosion-resistant separation between the Roof Garden assembly and walkways, transitions, etc. Pre-punched for maximum drainage, Carlisle Aluminum Roof Garden Edging is available in 3", 4", 6" and 8" heights. Custom heights are available upon request.

Aluminum Drain Boxes - Carlisle Aluminum Drain Boxes are designed to keep debris and growth media out of your roof's drains. Made of heavy 0.125" milled aluminum, Carlisle Aluminum Drain Boxes allow quick access with removable lids for periodic drain inspection. Available in 4", 8" and 12" heights. Custom heights available upon request.

Roof Garden Growth Media - Carlisle's Engineered Growth Mediums for Roof Gardens are blends of carefully-selected materials optimizes for Roof Garden use. Designed to be lightweight while providing superior water holding capacity, Carlisle offers different growth mediums for the varying climatological regions of the country. Available in 1.5 - 2 cubic yard "Super Sack" bags as well as bulk truckloads.


Garden Roof TrayReduces Heat Island Effects

Heat islands can occur in large cities where much of the vegetation has been replaced with roads and structures. Urban development can actually alter weather patterns, absorbing significant amount of heat during the day it back into the atmosphere, which causes further warming. Gardens keep these buildings cool through transpiration, cooling the building and the surrounding atmosphere.


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